Technical Specifications of Caravans Fiber Glass :

   1 - All panels forming walls and roofs established by Super Cabins modular system are manufactured with double
   walls made of thick fiberglass strengthened with polyester «CTP» and between these double walls polyurethane
   foam of 40density thick is injected. All are sound and thermal insulated .

   2 - After uniting panels forming, its insulated with anti- bacterial silicone and insulation against water, snow ,dust,
   and voice ( as well as a hygiene is ensured ).

   3 - All exterior and interior panels don't rust or rot, , easy to clean and have the feature of anti corrosive and
   resistance against climate conditions, shocks and weight of 400 KG.

   4 - Exterior and interior surfaces of panels are manufactured of get coat resistant to ultra violet rays of sun in + 60o
   and cold - 40o.

   5 - All doors are manufactured of thick aluminum and white fiber, and windows are manufactured of thick
   aluminum and 6 mm tinted glass.

   6 - All cabins provided with electrical system from high quality materials meet requirements of KAHARMAA
   standards including the internal connections of wires and lighting .

   7 - Circulation water system for toilets «cold / hot» is linked with wide range of (BBR). Cabins are equipped with all
   necessary sanitary wares including, Arab or European toilets, shower, washing basin, mirror, lavatory refresher fan,
   water proof light, strainer etc.

   8 - The toilet floor is covered with water proof fiber, looks like tiles. special system in Super Cabin».

   9 - Super Cabin gives one year warranty in case of product failure .

   10 - There is a metal plate fixed at all cabins bearing name of Super Cabin. If labels are removed, Super Cabins
   Guarantee also terminates.

   11 - Prices don't include transport except where specifically mentioned in the quotations.